Official music video of Ahmet Üstüner - Kayıp Nesil

Our entire life story is actually a cycle. We open our eyes to the world. We are hopeful. We realize the absurdities and try to do something but we cannot continue. We try to copy others in order to go on. But this makes things worse and we can't get out of it. We transform and we get stuck in this vicious circle.

With us, question the existence and becoming something we don't want to notice. 💫

Direction / Scenario / Animation: Murat Miroğlu
Account Direction: Melissa Miroğlu
Agency: Krak!
Music: Ahmet Üstüner
Music Production: Allame
Mix: Allame & Yiğit Seferoğlu
Master: Yiğit Seferoğlu
Stills from music video 💫
Music video 🌟
Making of ✍🏾

We are big fans of Tool's stop motion music videos and we wanted to make you feel their influence on us in this animation work. Our concept and illustration style have a semiotic background and we thought that it would blend better with low frame rates with a stop motion styled animation. Hope you like it! 💫

We used Adobe Fuse CC and Make Human to create the base mesh for the characters and then Blender as the main software to create the 3D models and the animation. For the very first time we worked on Substance Painter to paint textures digitally, very easily and manipulated them via Adobe Photoshop. Mixamo was a good solution for some scenes to animate the characters and for referance.  

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